Her House (2021)
Photobook by Cristina Casiano
Prototype, 1 of 1, Self-published​​​​​​​

Her House is a series of self-portraits that explores the relationship between a house full of memories and identity. The images in Her House push boundaries of self-acceptance and exist between reality and fantasy as informed by body image and the influence of memory. Within the space of my grandmother’s house, I transform a sense of vulnerability into reclamation of self-worth through a visual narrative. 
As a young woman, I experienced Western culture as a second-generation Puerto Rican and was disaffiliated with my heritage and culture. Due to the reticence I had regarding my feelings about my identity and my outward appearance, body image became a constant psychological struggle in my life. The perception of my cultural identity and body image has changed over the years and evolved towards acceptance. My process of self-portraiture introduces the use of space as a catalyst for layering memories of my childhood over experiences of aging. This results in documenting and creating a new memory that takes precedence over the stigma of my past. Self-portraiture is transformative and alters perceived assumptions of body image. It provides an understanding of the importance of self-worth among women of size through personal and social acceptance. 
Size: Landscape, 13×11 in, 33×28 cm  Number of Pages: 56

Size: Landscape, 13×11 in, 33×28 cm

Number of Pages: 56

Paper: Mohawk proPhoto Pearl

Book covering: Standard Black Linen

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